Operation War Diary wins Best of the Web

Great news, we won an award last  week at Museums and the Web, a major annual conference for museums and technology. The conference took place in Baltimore, USA, 2-5 April. Operation War Diary won a Best of the Web award in the ‘Research / Collections Online’ category .

Best of the Web Award

It is usual practice to name and thank the people who made the project possible. However, Operation War Diary has been visited by over a hundred thousand people – all helping to spread the word and build our community of volunteers. Around 10,000 have already become Citizen Historians by classifying and tagging around 300,000 diary pages. A small number of volunteer moderators have been ably managing the Talk discussion forum. Thank you all!

Operation War Diary is a collaboration between Imperial War Museums, The National Archives and Zooniverse. The tagging interface was developed by (the brilliant) Jim O’Donnell at Zooniverse. The award will live on his mantelpiece.

Unfortunately, the Operation War Diary team are far too busy to attend the conference – maybe next year! The award was accepted by our colleague Carolyn Royston, Head of Digital Media at IWM – thank you Carolyn.

Luke Smith, Digital Lead, First World War Centenary Programme, Imperial War Museums 



One response to “Operation War Diary wins Best of the Web”

  1. Art says :

    Are there similar diaries in other languages to learn more about German or other soldiers?

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